IBS and quality of life

IBS has a significant physical, emotional, and social impact on patients’ daily lives1,2

“IBS attacks are some of the worst pain I have ever experienced. I feel like my life is on hold”3

IBS significantly impairs work productivity

On average, people with IBS miss 2 days of work per month4

On average, people with IBS have 9 days per month with reduced productivity4

2 days
9 days

“There is no way I can work when the pain is this bad. If I didn’t need my job I would quit”3


IBS disrupts patients’ daily lives and activities7,8

34% of patients with IBS avoid situations where there won’t be a nearby bathroom4

23% of patients with IBS stay home more often due to symptoms4

Patients with IBS report being unable to participate in personal activities an average of 8 days per month4

“I avoid eating in any social situation if possible. I hate having to always know where every bathroom is!”3

“I've lost so many nights out and social occasions. When people can't see anything wrong, they think you're making a fuss over nothing”3

Patients with IBS often feel stigmatized and misunderstood9,10

The most common emotions expressed by patients with IBS are4:

“It is embarrassing to have IBS. I always make jokes to cover my embarrassment of how often and urgently I need to use the bathroom”3

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